We advise organisations and companies to use the internet for new methods of participation. We believe that Knowledge Management and Open Innovation are social processes. crisscrossed builds the bridge between technology and users. We consider technical solutions from the user perspective and advise you how to make your applications effective and enjoyable.

We have already worked with renowned organisations and companies to help them find new ways to increase the creativity and productivity of their teams and projects. We advise you on best-fit solutions.

Here are just a few examples:

For the World Bank, we implemented a collaborative platform for the joint development of the eTransform Africa strategy.

We advise the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)continuously on Knowledge Management projects.

For the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) in Bratislava, we conceived a Data Dive for the joint development of data applications to combat poverty.


WE THINQ is a specially developed application from crisscrossed GmbH for idea management and brainstorming processes. WE THINQ offers maximum flexibility in terms of possible functions and participants. With WE THINQ, you can integrate any group combinations into your process and idea management, depending on your individual requirements and regardless of location and time.

You yourself function as the moderator of your collaborative brainstorming platform, which allows you at any time to allocate moderation sovereignty for various types of processes to the participants of your choice, and to specify deadlines. You can retrieve and evaluate intermediate results, and coordinate different innovation processes.

This simple but revolutionary application, which allows the creation of complex idea processes, was implemented over a two-year development period. Well-known, in particular internationally active companies and organisations are already using WE THINQ successfully. These include Deutsche Welle, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Entwicklung (GIZ), the the German Association of Towns and Municipalities, the NESTA Charity UK and Climate-KIC - Knowledge & Innovation Community.

Would you like to know more about WE THINQ? Visit the WE THINQ website.

Open Data

We are big fans of the Open Data concept and believe that it has great potential to create more transparency, and benefits both organisations and companies. Open data offers the possibility of developing completely new knowledge management solutions, and profitably combining various data sources.

We support organisations and companies who want to make their data freely available and develop exciting applications which integrate external information and deliver information in context, thus providing true added value.
Example: KfW Development Bank Transparency Portal.