Dynamic Demand Challenge

Dynamic Demand Challenge

Crisscrossed GmbH supplied the platform for Nesta's Dynamic Demand Challenge, a UK foundation which promotes innovation. The Challenge, which was implemented using the WE THINQ platform, sought suggestions on the deliberate displacement of electricity demand by consumers, to make better use of renewable energy, for example.

Five finalists were selected from a total of 76 proposals. One suggestion proposes using the Hardware Thermal Accumulator of provider thEnergy to transform buildings from passive power consumers into intelligent participants in the electricity network, by allowing them to react independently to fluctuations in the price of electricity. Another contribution proposes the installation of district energy displays which show the current market conditions, allowing districts to adjust their power consumption accordingly.

The contributions show what is possible with the right community and a platform for ideas which is fun to use.


Nesta - the UK pioneer in innovation - uses WE THINQ for their Dynamic Demand Challenge.

"The WE THINQ platform can be adapted to your challenge, at a great cost, in a sensible timeframe with beautiful results. The back end is simple and easy to maintain throughout different stages of a competition. The WE THINQ team listen to the customer’s needs and works fast to achieve results."

Jennifer Clayton
Nesta UK